New CD: "New Songs for Children"
by a singer-songwriter from Austria/Europe
CD_new songs for children

Download the whole CD for EURO 6,90 on (Website in German)
Buy the CD for EURO 10.- on (Website in German) or send an
Email to


Listen to the songs and download the lyrics free of charge:

01 Sports healthy for you

Lyrics - Sports healthy...
02 Thats me
Lyrics - That's me
03 No no no that is not true
Lyrics - No no no! That...
04 Daddys cooking what I want
Lyrics - Daddy's cooking..
05 Muff the teddy
Lyrics - Muff, the teddy
06 Never alone
Lyrics - Never alone
07 Welcome to our restaurant
Lyrics - Welcome to our...
08 Please do not be angry
Lyrics - Please do not...
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