Children's Singer-Songwriter
Bernhard Fibich

“New Songs for Children” - Join-in concert for children aged 3-11
bernhard with children

In English!

A join-in concert for children in English!
The best Bernhard Fibich songs in a concert without a single German word!
The popular children´s songwriter is at present touring English-speaking
nursery schools and primary schools with his new English CD
“New Songs for Children”.
In this programme Bernhard Fibich sings, entirely in English, the best songs
from his previous concerts with the children.
Children and adults are invited to participate in the concert and are even
allowed to come up onto the stage. Please note: a knowledge of English is
required in order to be able to follow the concert.

Listen to all the songs on  "MySpace"

children around bernhard


Mag. Bernhard Fibich
A-3580 Horn, Box No. 30
Telephone: ++43-2982-46 312 
Fax: ++43-2982-46 314

Mail:  (in German)


Bernhard Fibich is married with 3 children and lives with his family
in Austria (European Union). Bernhard Fibich gives 250 concerts
per year for children aged 3-11.He has been a professional children’s
singer-songwriter since 1991.The stars in Bernhard’s fun concerts
are the children themselves: they are encouraged to take an active
part and are also invited on to the stage.
You too can invite Bernhard Fibich to give a concert in your school,
kindergarten or town!
For further information see Bernhard’s homepage at:
( = Bernhard´s homepage in German)

Send Bernhard Fibich an e-mail to:


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